Our latest arrivals are Hamish and Hubert (named for Marida’s little brothers from “Brave”)  These bouncing bundles of joy were born on Wednesday, June 28th.  They are bottle babies because unfortunately Shammy didn’t let down milk.  As bottle babies and wethers, they will make superior pets.  They are already bonded to people and a joy […]

The day starts out with 6 o’clock bottle and a nice walk up the drive and down to the barn to feed the horses.  Running downhill at top speed from the top of the driveway is the most fun. Sometimes we see the turkey moms and their poults out looking for grasshoppers. We spend the […]

Its hot and everyone is looking for a place to stay cool.

As soon as it stops raining, I will update the kids’ pictures.  They are growing up to be such handsome young boys and girls.  Robin (Friar Buck) proved himself to be a great improvement on the herd.  Two of his sons are going on to other breeders to be herd sires themselves.  I’m so pleased […]

… There’s only two left Flora and Fauna are still available.  These two are sisters.   They are sweet and gentle and will be ready to join your farm family in late June.  UPDATE:  These two are on hold. Not to worry if you are still looking for kids this Spring, Shamrock is expected to kid […]

Ella had her kids on April 18, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. Two does and a buck,  all of them red and white like their dad. They are so flashy with all their white chrome. They are curious and bold like Ella’s kids always are.  Merryweather is sold, Flora and Fauna are on hold. SaveSave

On the morning of April 7, Truffles had a health boy and girl.  The little doeling was so tiny, there was only one name for her, “Tinkerbell”.  She goes by Tink.  Her brother therefore had to be “Peter Pan”, he goes by Peter.  Tink is a carbon copy of her dad, a beautiful dark red […]