We have 3 kids available at this time.   They were born January 7, 2017 and will be ready for their forever homes at the end of March.  They have been disbudded.   There are two bucklings and a doe.  At this time the boys are still intact, but we intend to wether them at […]

The Stork landed early this year The stork came in a cold Nor’ Easter.  He brought us triplets and twins in the same morning.  Pearl had two does and a buck.  Shadow had a buck and a doe.  Friar Buck a.k.a. “Robin”  covertly covered a couple of does.  Nature finds a way.  We couldn’t be […]

Its a Jolly Holiday at Tempest Farm. It looks like it will be a white Christmas this year.  Who could ask for better than that!  What a wonderful year it has  been.  Vesper has picked out her own new Christmas coat, the goats have hung their stockings in the barn while Jupiter enjoys making angels […]

It’s Fall on the farm, the leaves are changing, the air is a lot cooler, and the buck boys have their work cut out for them.  We are setting up for breeding season.  Check our the 2017 kids page for the match ups for next Spring.  I am hoping for more variety in color and […]

It’s a bittersweet day.  The last of the kids left for their new home, and the goat barn seems so quiet. (Except for Ariel, she makes enough noise for 10 goats.)  I’m sad to see them go, but happy to have met and made new friends.  I want to express my heart felt thanks to […]

Goat Flower Farm Friar Buck (aka Robin) Poor Robin, he faints so easily.  He’s going to be a great herd sire.  I can’t wait to see his kids next spring. I never get tired of watching Fainting Goats faint.  You never know when it’s going to happen.   It’s like a little gift every time. […]

*INTRODUCING* Goat Flower Farm Ariel TMG   (Goat Flower Farm Charger x Oak Hill Sweet Bean) Just arrived this week … And she’s such a sweetheart. So feminine with her big doe eyes.  She’s already winning over all the boys in the barn.  She’s going to be such a pretty young lady. Goat Flower Farm […]