Ella had her kids on April 18, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. Two does and a buck,  all of them red and white like their dad. They are so flashy with all their white chrome. They are curious and bold like Ella’s kids always are.  Merryweather is sold, Flora and Fauna are on hold.

… There’s only two left Flora and Fauna are still available.  These two are sisters.   They are sweet and gentle and will be ready to join your farm family in late June.  UPDATE:  These two are on hold. Not to worry if you are still looking for kids this Spring, Shamrock is expected to kid […]

On the morning of April 7, Truffles had a health boy and girl.  The little doeling was so tiny, there was only one name for her, “Tinkerbell”.  She goes by Tink.  Her brother therefore had to be “Peter Pan”, he goes by Peter.  Tink is a carbon copy of her dad, a beautiful dark red […]

We have kids ready for their forever homes.

The snow is melting and Hayward’s Ice Cream is open for the season.  Spring fever is in full swing.   Spring means the trees and tulips are thinking about blooming.  Nothing says Spring like baby goats in the barnyard. The kids are growing up fast.  Soon they’ll be weaned and ready for forever homes.  The […]

We have 3 kids at this time.   They were born January 7, 2017 and will be ready for their forever homes as soon as the snow melts.  They have been disbudded.   There are two bucklings and a doe.  They are the first from our new buck Goat Flower Farm Friar Buck.  The sire is […]

The Stork landed early this year The stork came in a cold Nor’ Easter.  He brought us triplets and twins in the same morning.  Pearl had two does and a buck.  Shadow had a buck and a doe.  Friar Buck a.k.a. “Robin”  covertly covered a couple of does.  Nature finds a way.  We couldn’t be […]